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If you’re struggling with motherhood, feeling fatigued or overwhelmed…

Book your free consultation with me to discuss any blocks in your life. I’ll analyze the blocks and come up with a plan to get your groove back on track mama. Hop on a call and let’s discuss your divine makeover. It’s time to have everything you desire.


Christine Waltermyer, Holistic Parent Coach, Natural Foods Chef, Author & Transformational Teacher

Work with Me

Radiant Mama

If you’re a mother and you want to feel peaceful, connected to your body, have a great relationship with your kids and partner and get your career thriving again, it’s time to get your mama groove back on track!

Personal Wellness Chef & Boutique Cooking Classes

Book your private boutique cooking class or exclusive personal chef services with America’s Leading Wellness Chef, Christine Waltermyer.



We had the privilege of having Christine Waltermyer live in our home and cook all our macrobiotic meals for several months.  Christine is a delight to have around and is a very talented whole foods chef.  Christine has the unique ability to cook very healthy meals that are flavorful and memorable.  At the time we hired Christine, my husband was beginning a macrobiotic diet to heal his cancer.  Christine immediately put us at ease and began to cook and educate us on the macrobiotic lifestyle.  She was a lifesaver at the time!  I have recommended Christine to others who have been thrilled with her services. Whether you are healing from an illness or just want to clean up your diet and eat healthier, I highly recommend Christine!  She is passionate about cooking and it is evident in every bite.

Lori Littenberg


Christine began cooking our meals when our son was born six months ago. It was important to us to be able to continue eating a healthy diet despite not having enough time to prepare our own food. She is passionate about what she does, makes great food and listens to your preferences. I am a vegetarian and appreciate how creative she is with her dishes to provide a variety from week to week. Christine is friendly and flexible and we love having her as part of our family.

Kendra Morris

Christine’s counseling on the energetics of food and the relationship to food is completely helpful. It’s hard to say what I enjoy best, her carefully prepared homework and recipes, her warm, kind presence, her enthusiasm or her fabulous cooking.

Greg DiLisio
Licensed Acupuncturist, Housatonic, MA

The work that we did with Christine was just what we needed to feel supported and guided into an area of great importance to us as individuals and parents. Christine’s wisdom and warmth and light made the entire experience enjoyable, leaving us eager for our next meeting. Now, years later, we are still working with the recipes and suggestions that were made specifically for our family.

Meryl and Marc Rudin
Lenox Family Chiropractic, Lenox, Ma.

They say: ‘When a student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ Christine has been that teacher to me. I have accomplished more in a few months time incorporating a whole foods healing diet, than I have over the previous 10 years of trial and error…all with Christine’s support, encouragement, and trusted guidance! I believe her secret ingredient is a deep seated passion and genuine caring for her clients, and for what she does! She makes the difference! Pass the tofu, baby!!

Mark P. Coyle
Voice-Over Artist/Small Business Owner, Parlin, NJ

Christine’s cooking lessons, along with discussions of the principles of a healthy lifestyle have changed my life. I now know what it’s like to feel great. I find myself smiling and laughing more. Enlisting Christine’s support was the most important decision I could have made. Each encounter with her is educational and moves me closer to my goal of good health. Christine is willing to meet you “where you are” – to incorporate healthy eating at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Her wealth of knowledge and gentle encouragement has made my journey enjoyable and amazingly successful. Her support and instruction have allowed me to embrace this new lifestyle and make it work. I will be forever grateful that the winds of fate brought her into my life just when I was looking for help.

Kate Wilson
Virtual Assistant

Abundant Mama Strategy Consultations

Book your free consultation with me to discuss any blocks in your life. I’ll analyze the blocks and come up with a plan to get your groove back on track, Mama. Hop on a call and let’s discuss your divine makeover. It’s time to have everything you desire.

Click on any time to make a booking.

About Christine

Christine Waltermyer is one of America’s leading wellness chefs, an author and Wealthy Healthy Mama Coach. She specializes in empowering moms and helping their kids to thrive.

Christine has made television appearances and her personal chef clients have included well-known celebrities. Christine has developed recipes for Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, “Super Immunity,” Dr. Neal Barnard’s book, “Power Foods for the Brain” and jewishfoodhero.com.

She is a graduate of Millersville University, the Kushi Institute, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Christine is a certified wellness coach through the Coach Training Alliance.

Christine loves helping mamas get their mojo back. Christine can be contacted at Christine@naturalkitchenschool.com.

Photos of Christine by Photoscapes.