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Given my love of food and people—it's no surprise that I became a chef, teacher and coach. In my early twenties, I experienced a health crisis that was the primary catalyst for undertaking a decades-long journey to find healing through wholesome, plant-based foods.

I studied at the top healing institutes, became a private wellness chef and coach, and founded a cooking school for vegetarian cuisine. Along the way, I learned the healing power of simple, whole-foods-based nutrition. I was inspired by clients who overcame life-threatening diseases simply by making diet and lifestyle changes…and even managed to avoid a recommended double mastectomy myself.

These experiences culminated in my desire to help others achieve their best health through a return to simple, tasteful and easy-to-prepare whole foods. This shaped my calling and ultimately led to finding and pursuing my life’s passion.

My journey unfolded in a deeper way as I harnessed all I had learned and culled my resources to ensure the most optimal health for my adorable daughter who has special needs.

I want to share my wisdom and experience to make a positive difference in the world—especially for busy entrepreneurs and moms, as I understand what it takes to be successful. I know in a real way what it is like to strive for health and balance as both a mom and business owner {and it’s not always easy!}. That is why I am so excited to offer my new signature programs, Cook Like an Entrepreneur and Group Coaching.

Today I live a life that is healthy, fulfilling, {mostly} balanced and joyful! My nutrition is the foundation of a full and healthy life that enables me to be, do and give my best to my clients, my business and my daughter. It is my passion to empower clients like you to create radiant health and uncover the incredible untapped potential you have through making simple modifications that can be life-changing for you and your family.

I desire to help my clients nourish themselves so their lives can be radiant and their businesses can flourish!

I look forward to joining you in your wellness journey as you eat your way to the top!

In health,

Christine xo

Christine is a...


Leading Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker.
Masterful Chef and Teacher.
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
Certified Life Coach.
Devoted & Joyful Mom of a beautiful, seven-year-old daughter whose first words
included {no surprise} kale!
Entrepreneur {or, more fittingly, a Mompreneur}.

I am a...

  • Lover of nourishing, wholesome {and delicious} plant-based foods.
  • Creator of Culinary Magic.
  • Devotee of eating as a deeply enjoyable, satisfying and healing experience.
  • Promoter of preparing nourishing foods in a simple, easy and fun way.
  • Believer in wholesome nutrition that doesn’t need to involve complicated, expensive trends and fads.
  • Pursuer of optimum, radiant health and balanced living for myself and my clients.
  • Purveyor of wholesome, natural foods as a super tool for obtaining radiant health, reaching untapped potential and achieving peak performance in business and life.

More about Christine


Christine is a personal chef whose clients have included Grammy award-winning, A-list celebrities, professional athletes, top CEOs and busy moms and families.

Christine is a graduate of Millersville University and the Kushi Institute. She rounded out her education with a number of certifications, including becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Life Coach through the Coach Training Alliance and a Certified Yoga Instructor at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Christine is a protégée of Michio Kushi—pioneer in the natural foods movement. She studied under Michio and had the honor to co-teach a holistic health workshop with him at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She has taught for the Cancer Project and has been featured at major health festivals and conferences across the country.

Christine is a contributor for numerous health, wellness and lifestyle publications and has been a consultant for renowned, best-selling authors.

Christine has had the pleasure of presenting at and supporting various non-profits including the National Down Syndrome Society, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the 92nd Street Y Cultural Center (NYC).



Christine has appeared on Ebru TV’s Daily Connection as a regularly featured chef.

Christine has been a consultant and recipe-creator for renowned, best-selling authors including, Dr. Joel Fuhrman (Super Immunity) and Dr. Neal Barnard (Power Foods for the Brain). She is the author of The Natural Vegan Kitchen.

Christine has been a featured instructor at the Vegetarian Summerfest (North American Vegetarian Society ), the Veggie Fest (Chicago), The Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest, the VegFest (Bethlehem ), The Seed (NYC), The Kushi Institute Summer Conference and the NOLA Veggie Fest.

Christine has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, including Princeton’s U.S. 1 Magazine and The Asbury Park Press.

Christine has been a contributor to the Huff Post, VegNews Magazine and Lilipoh.