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5 Secret All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Get You Glowing!

You know the old saying “you are what you eat?” I'd like to add “you are what your skin eats.” Everything we put on our skin has the potential to be absorbed into our bodies. Selecting your skin care products is as important as the selection of the food we eat.

Organic plant materials are made up of the same minerals, vitamins, hormones, essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes as the human body. Because of this our bodies recognize these materials as nutrition and readily accept them through the skin.

As more and more studies are released on the harmful toxicity of many cosmetic and personal care products, consumers have begun to turn to all-natural beauty products. I am one of them!

I particularly like products that have my favorite natural ingredients in them.

Here are 3 of My Favorite Organic Ingredients in All-Natural Beauty Products:

1. I love simple products like pure jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil. Natural, organically derived oils like olive, evening primrose and argan oil are commonly used as moisturizers in natural beauty products. Each of these oils nourishes dry skin without the nasty chemicals!

Pure Jojoba Oil and Moroccan argan oil

Coconut oil is becoming one of the most common ingredients in natural skin care. It nourishes and improves your skin. It can even heal fungal infections, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Coconut Oil

2. Gotu Kola is what I call a miracle plant from India. It is famous for its healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It can improve the condition of aging skin, act as a toner, and improve collagen production. It improves blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth. I like that!

3. Natural Sea Salt is my other favorite ingredient in natural organic beauty products. It is a great source of minerals. Sea salt detoxifies and nourishes your skin. Sea-salt exfoliation is an effective way to cleanse skin, promote circulation, and stimulate your body energy flow.

Natural Sea Salt

DIY Solution to All-Natural Beauty Products

Much of the time you'll find me making DIY beauty treatments with things like sea salt, fresh herbs, tea bags, lemon juice, chamomile tea, etc.… Things that I literally could eat. No surprise here, because organicplant-basedingredients are made up of the same minerals, vitamins, hormones, essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes as the human body.

You can read my other blog post Kitchen to Beauty Coffee Sugar Scrub about making DIY all-natural beauty products.

But sometimes it just isn't practical, so I try to choose things that are as pure as possible to put on my skin.

All- Natural Beauty Products that Will Make you Glow

I want to share with you my favorite all- natural beauty products, containing some of these ingredients I was just talking about.

1. Enjoy the healing power of the Dead Sea Salt in this high quality Ancient Secrets Aromatherapy Dead Sea Mineral Baths Lavender sea salt. It is even safe to use in hot tubs and whirlpool baths.

2. This gentle natural Eo Products Exfoliating scrub works miracles on my skin! Infused with organic Oat Kernel oil, Coconut and Vanilla, Moroccan Lava Clay it deeply cleans pores and clarifies skin.

3. Nothing moisturizes better than Acure Argan Oil - Radically Rejuvenating Rose. I can be used on hair, face and cuticles.

4. Desert Essence Pure Jojoba Oil is my favorite all-natural product multitasker.Jojoba Oil will penetrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any oily residue. It can be even used to remove makeup or soften your hands.

5. Acure Day Cream has become my favorite day cream. Gotu Kola Extract and Chlorella help me to moisturize and improve my skin. I feel and look great using it every day!

Regardless of what product you choose, pick all-natural beauty products that will nourish your skin without harmful chemicals. Using organic products with help you to feel and look amazing!

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