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Quick To Make School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Quick To Make School Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love

With back to school around the corner not only are you shopping for clothes and backpacks, but you might also be wondering what to pack for your little one's lunch.

Keeping your kids nourished with healthy meals helps to build their natural immunity, and the best way to insure that at school is to send along something from home. Don't be afraid to be different. My daughter has inspired other kids in her class (and even one of her teachers) to start eating nori sea vegetable snacks!

Packing school lunches can be easy and simple. My daughter's lunch is often leftover dinner. Here are some things I often send with her, to get you brainstorming:


1. A thermos filled with hot soup or a stew that can be eaten on its own or poured over a portion of whole grains, like a quinoa pilaf, in a separate tin.


2. Broccoli (lightly steamed), and carrot sticks with hummus or guacamole.

3. Nut-free organic brown rice crispy cereal treats made with pumpkin seed butter (or you can use sunflower butter) and brown rice syrup or coconut sugar heated together to make a gooey caramel - yum! (My daughter eats nuts but many schools, including hers, have nut-free guidelines, so the seed butters are great.)

4. Falafel.

5. Whole grain pasta salad

6. Leftover fruit cobbler.

7. Seaweed snacks.

8. Toasted pumpkin seeds

9. Dried unsulphured apricots and mulberries.

10. Fresh berries and/or organic applesauce.

11. Homemade cookies or bars.

12. Steamed veggies in a tin.

13. Brown rice sushi or rice balls

14. Bean Salads (check out this one for Late Summer Chickpea Salad!)

What's your favorite healthy school lunch option for your kids? Would love to hear your comments!

Wishing you a healthy, happy school year ahead, and enjoy your mama time too. :-)


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